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Ground Zero Audio is renowned for high-quality subwoofers and amps. Pair them with a Sony or Pioneer radio for added features such as Bluetooth and touchscreen display, to enhance your listening experience on-the-go.

Compustar remote starts let you start your car from a distance, adding convenience and comfort. Many Compustar systems include security features for vehicle protection like remote locking and alarms.

We carry high-quality film from Xpel that reduces heat, glare, and blocks harmful UV rays. It also enhances privacy and security by making it harder for others to see inside your vehicle.
We sell a range of car and truck accessories, such as floor mats, running boards, and tonneau covers, to enhance the look and functionality of your vehicle. Our products are built to last, ensuring you have a reliable and durable solution to protect and personalize your ride.
LED lights are an energy-efficient and durable lighting option for cars. They provide a bright and crisp illumination, enhancing both the appearance and functionality of your vehicle, both inside and out.

Rockford Fosgate excels in marine and motorcycle audio equipment. Their high-quality speakers, amps, and subwoofers are built tough, delivering exceptional sound quality in any environment. Enjoy your music with confidence on your boat or motorcycle.

Radar detectors help drivers evade speeding tickets by detecting radar and laser signals. They feature advanced GPS and laser diffusing technologies that provide reliable and convenient protection, ensuring drivers stay safe and avoid costly fines.
Professionally installed carbon fiber heated seat pads offer a luxurious driving experience in cold weather. They’re a cost-effective way to add comfort without replacing the entire seat.

Thinkware and BlackVue dash cams offer reliable and effective video recording capabilities. They feature wide-angle lenses, GPS tracking, live view and advanced safety features.


Installing aftermarket products like window tint, remote starts, car audio, hitch installs, LED lighting, and others typically won’t void the factory warranty due to the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. This act prohibits manufacturers from voiding warranties unless they can prove that the aftermarket part directly caused the issue. As long as the aftermarket products are installed correctly and don’t cause damage, the factory warranty remains intact.

For all electrical connections, we employ soldering, considered the most reliable method for a permanent and secure connection between two wires. In areas prone to water exposure, we use heat shrink and other waterproof connection techniques to ensure durability and prevent damage. Our installation practices align with the recommended guidelines set by the Mobile Electronics Certified Professional (MECP), reflecting our commitment to industry standards and delivering top-notch service to our customers.

Most items are covered by a 1-3 year warranty, while select products such as remote starts and window tint benefit from a lifetime warranty. Our commitment extends to installation labor, which is guaranteed for 1 year. It’s important to note that even if outside the typical labor warranty, we go the extra mile – replacing any equipment covered by the manufacturer’s warranty free of charge. This ensures our customers have peace of mind and confidence in both the products and services we provide.


We are happy to install items that you’ve purchased yourself. It’s worth noting that while we do offer this service, there is a 20% discount on labor when you purchase the items directly from us. Additionally, for items brought in by customers, we provide a 30-day labor warranty instead of the 1 year warranty if you buy from us. This approach allows flexibility for customers who prefer to source specific items while still benefiting from our professional installation expertise.


In Minnesota, the window tint laws vary based on the type of vehicle. For sedans, the law specifies that tint on all sides and rear windows must allow more than 50% of light in, with a 3% variance. For trucks and SUVs, the front two windows must have tint that allows more than 50% of light in, but the back windows can be as dark as preferred. No tint is allowed on the windshield for any vehicle. If you have a medical exemption with a prescription, additional allowances may be made.

Ceramic window films provide superior heat rejection, UV protection, glare reduction, and optical clarity. They are durable, resist fading, and do not interfere with radio signals. While slightly more expensive, their performance and aesthetic benefits make them a popular choice for vehicle window tinting.

A one-way remote start allows you to start your vehicle remotely, but it doesn’t provide confirmation. In contrast, a two-way remote start offers confirmation feedback, indicating a successful start, and often comes with a longer range. Additionally, some two-way systems enable smartphone integration for enhanced control and convenience.

Absolutely! At AudioTronix, we have a comfortable customer lounge for clients who need to wait. The lounge is equipped with snacks and drinks, and you can enjoy streaming services on the TV while your vehicle is being serviced. We aim to make your wait as pleasant and enjoyable as possible.

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